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thanks for booking your one year session!

what to expect:
the session will last about one hour. please arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can get started right on time!
session includes:
two set ups without cake in one outfit (either provided by client or chosen from client wardrobe)
cake smash portion with second outfit

stuff: my studio contains a ridiculous amount of goodies for your session. we’re talking headbands, outfits, props, etc.  it’s part of what you’re paying me for! so don’t stress about bringing or buying anything for your time here.
while my studio is stocked with many props and accessories and clothing options, you can bring outfits for the session if you prefer. we will begin your baby’s session with a few regular portraits. i prefer more neutral and timeless outfits for this portion.  feel free to bring a separate outfit for the cake smash portion.  keep in mind i don’t usually dress babies “up” aka, i’m not going to put a mermaid tail on your baby… it’s just not my thing.  we will talk about colors and preferences, but i do all of the styling of the session while you relax and enjoy it!

other tips: 

  • anything you can do to put your little one in as good of a mood as possible, do it!  making sure everyone is well fed and well napped will help.
  • if your baby allows it, go ahead and sit down on the couch while we try to entertain him or her with our (sure to be ridiculous) antics.  if you’re standing behind me, your kiddo is going to stare at you the whole time, and we always hope for good eye contact with the camera.  i do understand not all babes will allow this, but it’s worth a shot! rest assured we are going to give it our best.
  • one year sessions go rather quickly. their attention span is limited, so we’ll swap out props after just a few minutes to keep things moving.

 If you are planning a Cake Smash, here are some details!

cake: I would love to be able to provide this for my clients, but due to possible food allergens etc, it is unfortunately a liability for me, so I have the parents bring the cake.  Stay away from fondant as it can be a choking hazard. Chocolate tends to not photograph as well (looks like mud 🙂 as a white cake does. Also red (looks like blood) and blue can be hard to get off baby. I personally love the simpler cakes and how they photograph.

Once we bring in the cake, this portion usually takes about 15 minutes; we let your baby set the pace, as some little ones are eager to dig into the cake and others are more hesitant and need some encouragement. If your baby is shy about digging into the frosting, you might have to get in there and show them how it’s done.

Sometimes, baby may not be too sure of the cake.  Please bring along a favorite snack such as cheerios, puffs, etc. in case we need to stuff them into the back of the cake to add interest.
Please bring along a sippy cup of water as cake does make baby thirsty.

Don’t be alarmed if your baby doesn’t tear away at the frosting immediately. Some babies eat neatly while others dive right in. Some babies need a little assistance from mom or dad to figure out what to do. It is a process that should be exciting for both of you. Please be aware that not all babies enjoy smashing their cake and it is possible that your child will be cry if they do not like it.
Just roll with it!  I personally love the crying shots of my children looking back at them!

theme: most parents have already purchased items to use at the party. Some of those items work great incorporated into the session and some don’t. We can chat about your ideas and what will work best! I love a good theme, but prefer to keep it minimal. For me as an artist, it is more important to focus on your baby rather than the decorations.  i suggest choosing colors (or a theme) that matches the nursery or their birthday party theme.

the mess: giving a cake to a baby surely makes a mess. my studio has a sink that you are welcomed to use.  a bubble bath is add-on option for adorable photos and helps get baby clean as well.
either way, I recommend bringing wipes, a towel and a change of clothing for the whole family!

what you get:

  • within two weeks of your session, you’ll get an email with a gallery link with your gallery.  this is a mobile friendly gallery that is great for sharing.  you are able to choose your 20 images or upgrade to buy the whole gallery.  we can chat about that if you have any questions!  once they’re downloaded, they are yours to print wherever you choose!


please DO bring:

  • the usual leaving-the-house with baby stuff (diapers, milk, etc).
  • cake
  • cake smash outfit
  • one additional outfit for baby
  • change of clothes for parents, just in case
  • sippy cup to help wash down the cake
  • snacks (think cheerios, or puffs) in case they don’t like the cake.
  • towel

my studio is located at:

1800 S Mason Rd, Ste 250, Katy, TX 77450

google maps

just about any GPS or phone will get you straight here with no issues, but we are located BEHIND the strip center with Wing Stop in it.

feel free to e-mail with any questions: