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Milestone Sessions

Capturing baby's milestones

Milestone Sessions capture your baby’s emerging personality, chunky thighs and big beautiful eyes.  Best for 3 months when socially smiling or 6-9 months old when sitting up unassisted.

3 Month Old Baby Photography

About Milestone Sessions

Milestone Studio Sessions

Simple is Best.  We want your baby to be the center of attention, not the outfits. We have a great variety and selection of milestone outfits to choose from.  We prefer simple, classic and monochromatic clothing.

Less is more. The more outfit changes we have, the more we tire out the baby. For this reason, we keep it to 1-2 outfit changes.

Props. We provide lots of props to compliment our monochromatic, timeless setups we love. Our studio is fully stocked with timeless and tailored pieces.

No shoes.  I would rather see cute little toes than the bottom soles of shoes.

You do not need to bring anything, however, lovies/sentimental pieces are welcomed. Other ideas; a favorite book, blanket, or toy from home that you don’t mind being photographed.

I personally love to see my newborn babies back in the studio for their milestone sessions! There is so much change in the first year and it’s wonderful to see them grow.  These sessions take place in my studio so that we can plan around your baby’s happiest times!   We think 3-4 month milestone sessions and 6-9 month milestone sessions photograph best and here’s why.

3 Month Old Baby Photography


3 Month Milestone

This session is all about your baby’s smile! As a parent, I think this was one of my favorite parts of those first few months. The way my daughter lit up into a gummy toothless grin anytime she saw me just melted my heart. The focus of this session is to capture that smile and your baby’s expressions. Some babies will also be able to have some tummy time and place their head up.  Rather than booking this session right at 3 months, plan to schedule this session when your child frequently smiles and laughs when they see you!


6 Month Milestone

6 Month Milestone or Sitter Sessions have to be some of my very favorite sessions! This session is all about the new skill of sitting up! This is also a time where parents really start to see big changes in their baby’s looks. They may have enough hair now to pull into a little sprout or clip back. Often a tooth has made its appearance!  Typical age range is anywhere between 6-9 months depending on your baby’s development stage. Babies closer to nine months are crawling and can often hold themselves up standing if holding onto furniture – or holding onto your hands. Let’s face it this age is just adorable!


$275 weekday / $375 weekend

Your milestone session includes:
• Access to our studio wardrobe | three unique setups
• 20 Minute session
• 10 fully edited high-resolution images with option to purchase more
• Password protected online gallery
• Print release

While there is no minimum order requirement or obligation to purchase products, we offer heirloom-quality prints and products to preserve your family's memories and pass down generations.

Milestone sessions are priced for the milestone child only. If you would like to include parents and siblings, please book a Family Session.