Sugar Land newborn photographer

Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Studio Location

300 Morton Street, Richmond, TX 77469

We are located on the corner of 3rd and Morton. Parking is open, so please park wherever you find an open space. While we do offer coffee and cold refreshments, we are conveniently located near Trough Juice Bar, Joseph's Coffee, and Sandy McGee's if you are in the mood for something else while you wait!

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Before Your Session

Client Questionnaire

Can you fill out this SHORT questionnaire for me?  This will help me prepare and gather items for your session that you’ll prefer. I need this no later than the night before your session. If you’ve not filled it out by that time, I will run with my own ideas. Thanks!

Morning of Session

Keep your baby awake 1-2 hrs before the session. THIS IS KEY. Please do not disregard because you feel that your baby sleeps all the time. I will be posing your baby in positions they are not used to being in, opening their hands, and moving them A LOT. If your baby is not basically exhausted from being awake for so long, it will be difficult for your child throughout the session. Trust me on this. :)

You can give them a bath. Strip them down to diaper only and rub their chest, talk to/play with them, crackle paper, unfamiliar sounds, use your imagination. Feed your baby just before you leave your house. Arriving with a full belly is best so we can start posing right away.

Loosen diaper before leaving the house and dress baby in a zipper or button up sleeper. I do not want to have to take off anything over the baby's head.

Please have 1-2 bottles prepared during the session for me to use if necessary. If you are breastfeeding and able to pump 1 bottle, that is best. Too much passing back and forth can result in starting over with the soothing process and the delay may affect the number of photos we get.

Some moms have concerns about using pacifiers when they are nursing, and it is totally their call, but as a mom, and having photographed over 100 newborns, I can pretty confidently assure you that if you choose to never use a pacifier outside of the two hours they are with me at the shoot, your infant won’t have nipple confusion.

**Bring a pacifier regardless of whether your baby is taking one**

Please dress for heat, the studio is set to 85 degrees for newborns. Feel free to bring reading materials if you’d like. This will be a time for you to sit back and relax.

Failure to follow preparation instructions or suggested soothing techniques may result in a smaller gallery and Photographer is not at fault.

Houston newborn photographer

What to Wear

Moms: A neutral colored tank top is best. Think beige, ivory, camel, or black. You will only be photographed from the most flattering angles, so don’t worry about that part! If you have brightly colored nail polish on, it can be distracting so removed or very neutral is great.

Dads: A plain tee in the same neutral color as Mom, or shirtless.

Siblings: Little boys are usually in a plain tee or shirtless with jeans (make sure no bright colored underwear may peek up!). Girls can either be wrapped in a makeshift top, or a simple ivory, nude, beige, top or dress works best and lets the focus remain on their faces and not their wardrobe.

Note on siblings:
If your little one has toddler or preschool-aged siblings, a session can feel very long to them! the space we’re working in is very warm and needs to remain pretty peaceful. I find it really helpful to have a friend, dad, mother, etc., bring siblings at the end of the session around 11:30/12pm.


Do you provide the cute hats, headbands, baskets and blankets?

Yes! My studio is FULL of beautiful antique buckets, blankets in almost every color, handmade knits and gorgeous headbands.

What if I want to bring some props of my own?

If you have something you would like to incorporate into your session, I ask that you please let me know ahead of time and please keep it limited to one or two items. I may request a cell phone shot of the prop, as safety is my number one concern. I will also offer my professional opinion about how the item will photograph.

Do I get to pick out the props we will use?

Part of what you are hiring me for is my professional styling and artistic eye! If you have a color request or special request, please let me know prior to our session. I always aim to please, but I sincerely hope you have chosen me because you want me to style and shoot your session based on my artistic vision!

What if I don't want my baby to be naked?

My newborn sessions are down with your baby undressed for most of the session. It is part of my artistic vision, privates are always kept private and there is nothing more beautiful than your baby's newborn skin.

Can we take pictures with my baby awake?

This is a question I get asked frequently. If your baby is awake and laying still and content, or wakes up while we are shooting I will certainly snap some photos with their eyes open, but OUR GOAL is for your baby to sleep soundly during the session.

What if my baby won't stop crying?

Hopefully, you have read the "how to prepare" portion of this guide! Following those instructions gives us the very best chance of having a happy sleepy baby. However, on the rare occasion that we are unable to complete the session, we will reschedule for a follow-up session as soon as possible. *this almost never happens

Can grandmas, aunts and uncles, the dogs and my friend Sue be included in the photos?

If you plan to include anyone in the session, besides parents and siblings, please let me know ahead of time. Remember that your baby is the star of the show! Also I must request, that you only bring those that will be involved in the shoot, to the studio.